Tips for Insuring Your High Value Jewelry

Tips for Insuring Your High Value Jewelry

Tips for Insuring Your High Value Jewelry

Christmas is a popular time for new jewelry purchases. Between engagements, holidays, and all of those jewelry sales, it seems like everyone has a few new trinkets by the time January rolls around.

If you’re investing in a new ring or receiving any special jewelry, then there are a few things you need to know about jewelry insurance! Let me help….

Jewelry is part of the Contents coverage on your Home or Renters policy. It is covered on a basic level, but it’s usually not enough coverage if you have several nice pieces.  (This varies by policy so call us to find out exactly how much coverage you have.)

But there is a special coverage you can ADD to your policy to insure each piece of jewelry! It’s called “scheduled personal property”.

You simply send us a copy of the appraisal (sometime’s a receipt will work too) and we can tell you exactly how much it will cost to insure it. Many times it’s less than $20-30 per year!  (It really depends the value.)

We can also discuss how this coverage protects you if you lose the jewelry and if you’ll still owe a deductible.

Even if you don’t want to insure each piece of jewelry you own, you can still increase your overall jewelry coverage to make sure that there is enough to protect your collection. You will still want to add photos, descriptions, and appraisals or receipts to your Home Inventory!

The holiday season is a magical time! Make sure that your beautiful gifts are protected.
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