I’m moving! What should I do about my insurance?

I’m moving! What should I do about my insurance?

August Blog 4Getting ready to move soon? Here’s what you need to know about your home and auto insurance!

Auto Insurance Changes

Your auto insurance rates are based on the zip code you currently reside in which means that moving can affect your rates!

If you are moving to a new residence locally, just call us around the time of your moving date so we can update your policy with the new address. This way you know you’ll receive any bills on time at your new address and your policy information will be correct!

If you’re moving out of state, there is a little more work involved. Since we only offer insurance in this state, you’ll need a policy and a new agent in your new city! This process isn’t as difficult as it might sound. Just let us know and we can help you find an agent and get the information transferred over. Most states allow you a 30 day grace period to change over your coverage upon moving. Don’t wait until the last minute though! Get the process started before your move so you are covered quickly.

Home Insurance Changes

Your home insurance changes will depend on the status of your move. See which of the scenarios below fits you:

Selling Current Home, Purchasing A New One: Once you find your NEW home, let us know the information and the loan officer handling your closing so we can prepare the new insurance policy. Once your old home has closed, just give us a call with the closing date so we can cancel that policy. Any refund will be sent to you.

Leaving Rental, Purchasing Home: As above, just let us know about the home you’re purchasing so we can prepare for closing. Once the home has closed and you’ve left the rental, let us know and we’ll take care of canceling that policy and sending any refund.

Buying New Home & Renting Out Old: We can issue Dwelling (Landlord) policy for the old home This will keep the property insured, but not cover the personal belongings inside. (You’d want to require your renters to carry renter’s insurance!) We’ll also prepare a Homeowners policy for the property you are residing in.

Moving From One Rental To Another: If you currently have a renters policy and you’re moving to a NEW rental in the same state, we can simply make a change to your policy with the new address. Just let us know the date of the change!

Moving is a stressful process but the insurance can be simple with the right agent! Let us know your moving plans and we’ll make sure to get you covered quickly and efficiently.

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