Quick Tips for Homeowners in 2013

Quick Tips for Homeowners in 2013

Homeowners Quick Tips for 2013

1. Review your policies annually. A walk-through of your coverage needs with your agent may identify other coverages (i.e., jewelry, artwork, etc.) that you need, as well as ways to save on premiums such as bundling auto and home insurance coverage together with one provider or requesting higher deductibles to help contain your costs.

2. Identify risks you face that are not covered by your homeowners policy.Disasters such as floods and earthquakes need a separate policy or riders to protect your home if tragedy strikes.

3. Understand how much coverage you have. Many homeowners believe their insurance policy will replace their damaged or destroyed property regardless of the amount of damage incurred. Remember, it is generally not your home’s market value that is covered, but rather its replacement cost. Home additions and major kitchen or bath remodeling projects can add significant value to your home, which may not be covered by your current policy. It is important to that your coverage is sufficient, based on your home’s replacement cost.

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