Making a Move- Important things to consider

Making a Move- Important things to consider

The weather is nice; the days are long if you’re like most Americans you probably waited until the spring or summer to make your move. According to the 2010 census 37.5 million people move each year! That’s a staggering number! How many of those 37.5 million people consider their insurance policies before moving? I am not sure, but it’s something you should take a minute to think about.

Is your personal property protected while in transit or while at a different location?
-Your personal property may be covered under your homeowners or tenants polices while moving but there may be special limitations such as coverage may only be extend for specific perils and the causes of loss may be limited. You should really review your policy with your agent to check in what situations are your property covered when removed from the insured premise.

-What about the mvoing companies insurane policy?
Don’t rely on the moving company to have adequate protection in place, very often their liabilty polcies is very limited, often as little as $.30 -$.60 per pound! However, the mover may offer additional coverage for damaged or lost property during the move.

Standard homeowner polcies provide coverage for your contents that have been moved to a new residence for 30 days after the move is started. After that time coverage for the property at the new residence is limited to 10% of the persoanl property limit. Again, check with your agent to see if this is true for your policy. The purpose of this coverage is to allow you time to secure new coverage for your new property, it is highly recommended that you cover your new residence asap!