Halloween Insurance Tips

Halloween Insurance Tips

Pumpkins Halloween and InsuranceIt’s October and that means that Halloween is on it’s way!

Here at the Salem Oak Agency we love any excuse to celebrate, but Halloween is especially fun around the office. However, I wouldn’t be a good insurance agent if I didn’t give a few good liability tips too.

You’ve heard most Halloween advice over and over.

Pack a flashlight for when it gets dark.

Put reflective tape on children’s costumes.

Check the kid’s candy before letting them eat any.

But what about the risks at your home?

Your Homeowners Insurance covers you if someone is injured on your property.

But, there are a few things you can do to prevent accidents before they happen!

1. Change your lightbulbs. Is your porch light burned out? What about lights along

pathways? Good lightning will help prevent children (and adults) from tripping.

2. Clear hazards. Tree limbs in your yard? A hole you’ve been meaning to fill? These

are all potential hazards that could cause an injury and subject you to a liability

claim. Clean them up before you have people trick-or-treating at your home!

3. No open flames. While candle filled pumpkins are fun to make, they can be

dangerous too. If you use any open flame candles, make sure they are up high and

away from any loose costume pieces.

And the easiest way to protect yourself? Make sure you have plenty of liability

insurance! Call  us today at (877) 587-2886 to schedule a free review and

detailed explanation of how we can keep your home and family protected.