About Us

aboutsalemoak1About Us

The Salem Oak Agency was formed in 1997 to comply with a New Jersey state regulation. Farmers of Salem was required to offer a licensed agent to assist any insured who wished to remain with the company after a termination of their current agency. In complying with this regulation, we felt we needed to use our agency opportunity to benefit our outside agency force.

We secured contracts with various companies to allow our agents access to such products as flood, specialty products and personal auto insurance. We have over the years become a valuable resource for our agency force.

In the past couple of years, we have focused on another group of agents in the state. We offer training and assistance to emerging agencies that are unable to secure contracts on their own. We get them access to our companies and work with them until they become eligible for their own appointments.

New Jersey and Maryland have a critical shortage of young men and women entering our industry.

We hope that our training will allow these young agents a chance to make the industry a life long career by offering solid insurance guidance to the residents of both states.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide outstanding service to our existing and future customers while striving to deliver the same great service to our current sub-producing agents. We also strive to assist newly formed agencies by providing them with markets, training and business skills to allow them to grow their client base.