New Jersey Residents prepare for 2013 Hurricane Season

New Jersey Residents prepare for 2013 Hurricane Season

hurricaneseasonnewsIrene, Sandy…two names I think we are all tired of hearing. But unfortunately, in the midst of still cleaning up after Sandy, the 2013 Hurricane season is right around the corner!

As much as we might want to forget about Super storm Sandy, we really need to remember the destruction she caused, we need to remember her devastation and prepare for the future.

She was an extreme reminder that no matter where we live, we are not immune to the perils and wrath of Mother Nature. Historically we “New Jersyans”  have been pretty lucky when it comes to weather, but now we all are well aware that we cannot take anything for granted.

Colorado State University Meteorologist Philip Klotzach and William Gray are calling for a very active Atlantic hurricane season, predicting  18 named storms, 9 hurricanes, and 4 more major hurricanes with a 96 percent chance a storm will hit the United States.

The Salem Oak Agency in partnership with The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has recently added a Flood Information Center to our website.

Anyone can use the FLOOD INFORMATION CENTER to understand the risk of flood
as it could affect them.


Flood Risk Scenario Tool
Cost of Flooding Tool
The Levee Simulation Tool

We encourage our clients and all consumers to educate themselves about Flood Risk before it happens, and of course protect yourself with a Flood policy!

3 inches of water in your home can cost $15,000 or more in damagePlease call us today at (877) 587-2886 to find out how much a flood policy will cost you. You may be surprised that it is an affordable way to give yourself peace of mind.